5 Benefits of Yoga for Women 50+

by kellylavieri on October 14, 2015

Kelly Lavieri 5 Benefits of Yoga for Women 50

Yoga is an incredible exercise practice for women of just about any age, but it is especially idea for women over 50. Here are 5 amazing benefits of practicing yoga in your 50’s.

Better Sleep
There are a handful of reasons that women over 50 might have difficulty falling asleep, including change in hormones and lifestyle, or simply the stresses of daily life. The physical movement of yoga, its rhythmic breathing, and the relaxing affect it has on the muscles means that women who practice yoga should fall asleep sooner after going to bed. More and better sleep means improved quality of life, too.

Chronic Pain Relief
Participation in physical activity has been shown to relieve chronic pain, and yoga is no exception. Because it is so gentle and low-impact—meaning there is little risk of injury or exacerbation of existing pain—yoga is an ideal activity for women over 50.  Make sure to follow your instructor closely and ask for guidance and altered poses when needed.

Protects Bone Density
Gentle or beginner yoga is a safe exercise practice for those with osteoporosis (bonus!), but it also benefits those with healthier bones by preventing and slowing bone density loss.

Increased Vitality
Many women experienced decreased flexibility as they age. Yoga poses lubricate the joints, leading to greater flexibility and range of motion. Additionally, yoga gently strengthens and stretches the body’s muscles, leading to improved energy levels and an overall feeling of vitality and fitness. Many yoginis find, because yoga gets their blood pumping and muscles moving, that they’re likelier to continue being physically active after practicing. Yoga is also a stress reliever that leaves the mind and body feeling sharp, awake, clear, and rested.

Keeps You Looking Your Best!
The same lengthening, strengthening poses that build your muscle mass and relieve pain offer the added benefit of helping you maintain a slim, strong body and straight posture. Vinyasa flows can feel like light cardio workouts, and any routine will get your blood moving, which in turn improves overall circulation and leaves you looking bright and well. Your sense of relaxation will radiate from you and show on your face, as well.

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