5 Exercise Tips for Women Over 40

by kellylavieri on September 2, 2015

5 Exercise Tips for Women Over 40 Kelly Lavieri

Now that the kids are back in school, now is the perfect time to get into a regular exercise routine. As we mature, we may find that we feel busier than ever – busy at work, busy with family, busy, busy, busy. Don’t let 40 slow you down! Starting (or maintaining) an exercise routine over 40 is simple, as long as you understand how to treat your 40+ body. You will reap the rewards of a healthy, stress-free life with these 5 tips!

1. Don’t Stop
After your 40th birthday, your metabolism starts slowing about 5% per year. A slower metabolism can mean weight gain and lower energy levels, which in turn can lead to difficulty motivating yourself to exercise and make healthy choices. As you age, your basal metabolic rate also declines which means that it takes more effort to burn fat. So what’s a woman over 40 to do? If you don’t already have an exercise routine and a healthy eating plan established, get these habits going—even if you need to call in the pros. If you are already in the habit of working out and eating right, keep up the good work!

2. Lower the Impact
As you age, the elasticity of your cartilage and tendons decreases, as dose bone density. In order to avoid injuries like pulled tendons and broken bones, choose lower impact exercises. Pilates, yoga, walking, controlled strength training (like circuit training or controlled free weights), and swimming are all great choices.

3. Work Together
If your motivation to work out has taken a hit since turning 40, enlist the help of some friends to make exercise fun and doable again. Your gym or local rec center probably has a great selection of classes; take a look at some offerings near you and choose a class or two to take with some girlfriends your age.

4. Stretch it Out!
Aging muscles begin to tighten and shorten, making them more prone to injury. Prevent injuries during your workouts by incorporating stretches. Make sure to build in enough time to hold stretches for at least 10 seconds each. Yoga and pilates are ideal choices because stretching is an integral part of the exercises.

5. Don’t Forget Your Heart
Cardiovascular training is an important pillar of exercise at any age. Even if it’s only for a few seconds at a time, give your heart a workout. Do a few sprints as part of your workout routine, take a low-impact aerobic or dance class, or go on a bike ride.

What’s your favorite way to get moving in your 40’s?

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