7 Fun Activities For an Over 50 Girls’ Weekend

by kellylavieri on October 7, 2015

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The 50’s are a fun decade for many women; your kids are grown and moved out, you’re at the top of your career, your marriage enjoys smoother sailing, and you’re financially stable enough to afford the things you want most in life—like girls’ weekends! Scheduling a girls’ weekend is super important at this stage in life and it’s fun to bond with those friends that have been by your side through good and bad. Before you plan an over 50 girls’ weekend, check out these 7 fun activities to schedule in.

1. Spa
I listed spa retreats first because if you’re not relaxed you won’t enjoy your weekend away—and the whole point is to relax, connect, and laugh with good friends! Scope out the hotels in the town you’ll visit to see which ones have spas on site (a quick Yelp or Google search will yield tons of informative reviews), and call ahead to ensure that all the services you and your girlfriends will want will be offered during your stay. If you have other activities planned for your weekend, consider planning a spa morning at the beginning. If you and your friends are lovers of relaxation and luxury, you may decide to make your whole weekend a spa experience.

2. Comedy Show or Musical
Is there really anything better in life than hysterically belly laughing with a group of good girlfriends? A stand-up comedy show, funny film, or upbeat musical is a must on your girls’ weekend. Let your hair down and laugh! It’s good for your soul.

3. Ski Weekend
Like spa getaways, ski weekends have a little of everything: fluffy white powder, roaring fireplaces to warm your feet and drink hot buttered rum by, lodge food, and usually an on-site spa, too! Ski weekends are the most fun—and most affordable—when you plan ahead and rent a condo or cabin to share. Some ski resorts will even offer package discounts to small groups.

4. “Treat Yourself” Shopping Trip
Your best female friends—especially now that they’ve past the big 5-0 mark—will not only be honest with you if an article of clothing doesn’t suit you, they’ll make sure you buy the pieces you feel terrific in, even if it means splurging a little. Do yourself—and your wardrobe—a favor and treat yourself with a girls’ shopping trip on your weekend away.

5. Gourmet Meals
I have yet to meet a woman of any age who didn’t love delicious, expertly prepared food. Check out the Zagat website to scope the best restaurants wherever you’ll be weekending—and make sure to make reservations!

6. Walking Tours
Walking tours are wonderful ways to get out and about during the day on weekends away. If you’re visiting a scenic or historical area, you’re sure to find a handful of engaging, guided walks.

7. Meditation Retreat
For a slower, soul-feeding, contemplative weekend away, take a meditation retreat at one of the many ashrams and Zen centers throughout the US. While a meditation retreat may not offer the splash and flash of haute couture shopping sprees or snowy slopes, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, centered, and more connected.

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