9 Tools to Stay Cool During Summer Workouts

by kellylavieri on July 1, 2015

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Summer is in full swing—and so is the heat! If your exercise regime involves a lot of outdoor activity, it’s important to employ a few tools for staying cool and hydrated. Here are 8 simple tips for staying cool during your summer workouts.

#1 Stay Hydrated!
Staying hydrated during the heat of summer is essential—especially if you’re active because you’re losing water and raising your body temperature. Make sure to drink plenty of water all day long, and up your intake during exercise.

#2 Wear Wicking Sportswear
There’s a reason that crazes over brands like Lululemon exist (well, besides the cute styles and shades!): the sweat-wicking, cooling microfibers and blends in sportswear lines really do keep you cooler.

#3 Wear a Hat
Even though it seems counter-intuitive to wear something on your head while working out, keeping the sun off your head can actually help you stay cooler, especially in states at elevations where the sun is especially intense.  Plus, it’s important to protect your eyes and facial skin from the sun’s rays. Choose a hat specifically made for working out in; you can find one at stores like REI.

#4 Use Cool Towels
Several companies make microfiber towels designed to hold in just enough moisture to create an evaporative cooling effect while staying more or less “dry”.  Wrap one around your neck during your workout and simply re-wet and re-activate when it dries up.

#5 Always Wear Sunscreen!
There’s nothing like a sunburn to keep you feeling hot—and uncomfortable—long after your workout has ended. It’s essential to always wear sunscreen if you’ll be active outside, especially for long periods. Choose a waterproof or sport sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

#6 Avoid Noontime Activity
Unless you’re training outside all day long, try to schedule exercise during cooler times of day like morning and evening. The sun will be less intense than at midday and if you plan to go out around dawn or dusk you’ll miss the sun’s rays entirely.

#7 Take Breaks
If you start feeling faint, very hot, sick, exhausted, or just “off” during your workout, STOP and take a break. Seek some shade or refuge in an air conditioned building. Rest and hydrate. If you feel faint or ill, seek medical attention.

#8 Know When to Stay Inside
When temperatures become extremely hot, like at 90+ degrees, it’s easy to become dehydrated and/or get heat stroke quickly. On very hot days, work out in an air conditioned gym or take a swim instead.

How are you keeping your summer workouts cool?


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