A Healthy & Fit Holiday Season

by kellylavieri on December 9, 2015

A Healthy & Fit Holiday Season Kelly Lavieri

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but how do we enjoy the festive season while also remaining conscious of our health? Read on for some of my favorite tips for staying healthy and fit through the holiday season.

Mindful Holiday Eating
It’s certainly important to treat ourselves, and there’s no reason to feel guilty for overindulging a bit at this time of year. The key is to really savor whatever treat you’re enjoying and to be mindful of the choices that you’re making. When you have a treat, make sure that it’s something you really want and that you’ll really enjoy. If you start to eat something but aren’t getting as much pleasure as you had expected, there’s no need to finish it. Either way, there should be no guilt involved.

Part of enjoying the season is eating slowly. It’s also important not to go to parties hungry, or you’ll end up eating more than you intended. When you do attend a party, have a look over all of the food available and be selective, only choosing your favorite treats.

Holiday Fitness
Don’t let the cold weather knock you off of your fitness routine. Have you ever heard the expression, There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing? Take that concept to heart, dress appropriately, and get outside. Or if you’re usually outdoorsy but the weather is too discouraging, it’s a good time of year to join a gym or an indoor group fitness class, even if it’s only temporarily.

Do whatever you can to stay active, and you’ll feel better throughout the season and in the new year when the holidays are behind us.

Stay hydrated!
Indoor heating systems and harsh outdoor conditions can all be very drying, so drink plenty of liquids. Your skin can also take a hit from the conditions, so moisturize your skin while drinking lots of water to replenish both inside and out.

Sleep is Key
Get enough sleep, and try to go back to your regular sleep schedule, even if you have a few late night interruptions. A steady sleep schedule will make it easier for you to bounce back after an indulgence, and makes for a smoother transition back to your healthy eating and exercise routine.

It’s absolutely possible to stay healthy, fit, and happy this holiday season. With a little mindfulness and planning, you can celebrate and transition into 2016 with the most healthy and happy mindset you’ve ever enjoyed. Happy holidays!


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