Comply or Die…Really?

by kellylavieri on March 27, 2015



Many of us have been on crazy diets in the past; grapefruit diet, low carb, vegan, green smoothie diet.. We may have transformed ourselves inside and out, gone on the date, the wedding or bought those skinny jeans..all in all controlled by food, helpless. I get it. And I’ve certainly been to all of those places.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of needing to be perfectly “compliant” to a plan. However, that has nothing to do with learning to change your habits or lifestyle. Each diet book out there provides a protocol or program that revolves around the idea of “comply or die” and if you want to look like photos in the diet book or if you are chasing some photoshop’d picture of your favorite celeb than maybe you will comply. And you know what? Those diet books have produced some  GREAT results with the 10% of women who can actually be 100% compliant to those plans. But what about the other 90% of us for whom those plans are too strict, don’t fit into their schedule, lifestyle, and who maybe don’t want their lives to be dominated by THE PLAN.

When we decide to change our nutrition, to make a real intuitive decision to do what works for us, a sustainable habit change can become our reality. It’s tough to get off the diet mentality wheel, and I have been there many time, but I was miserable, fed up, pissed off and felt helpless. I finally made the decision to stop stressing a few years ago…. I just stopped. I pulled back. I let myself be. I gave myself the benefit of the doubt. I decided to take simple intuitive steps daily that meant something to me.



This is ultimately the battle between needing to be perfect, versus just allowing yourself to do your best. When we strive for perfection and we miss (which, we always inevitably do because long-term perfection is simply unattainable, we end up disappointed. But when we strive to simply do our best, we are never disappointed!! Because we are always, in each moment, doing what we can.


And “our best” can be different day to day 🙂

Habit change is a decision, we have many choices, some days we pick to eat chips and margaritas, other days green smoothies and salad. The answer is; both choices are unsustainable every day in every way, but deprivation from the certain foods, activities, friends, and family only leads to the binge – repent cycle that is exhausting. Create a simple healthy habit you can sustain daily and repeat… that this is just enough for today, my way.

Next week I will be writing more about habit change and exercise.  How to create more sustainable routines to stay healthy.

Until next week..

Helping you live your life better, daily!

Kelly 🙂

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