Embracing your Age: Beauty Tips to Look Elegant at Any Age

by kellylavieri on October 28, 2015

Embracing your Age Beauty Tips to Look Elegant at Any Age

Beauty isn’t reserved for any particular age, and we all deserve to look and feel our best at every stage of our lives. Whether we’re in our twenties or seventies, the way that we present ourselves to the world should never be held back.

1. Embrace Your Personal Style
One thing to remember about personal style is that it can change and evolve. The style that you established for yourself twenty years ago does not have to determine your personal style for the rest of your life. If your mood and preferences change, be flexible and allow your style to grow.

As a mature woman, if you haven’t got your style figured out, take some time to consider what it is that you like. Are there colors or textures that you’re attracted to? What words resonate with you? Are you attracted to words like elegant and graceful, or dramatic and regal, or are whimsical and fun better touch points for you. If you received a compliment about your appearance, what words would you enjoy being used to describe you?

Keep these words in mind when you go shopping. Hold out for the clothing and accessories that make you feel the way your style words make you feel. Everyone’s style is unique, personal, and different.

2. Don’t Settle for Clothing you Don’t Love
If you go shopping and you find that the clothing you discover in the stores makes you feel less than fabulous, don’t make a purchase. There is no reason to settle, and you won’t feel your best if the clothing you bring home doesn’t resonate with you.

It could be that the current trends don’t suit you, so look for classics but in modern fabrics. They’re called classics for a reason, and a classic cut of trouser can be made fresh in a modern fabric.

Ask salespeople for help. They should know what’s in their store, and what’s coming in soon. You might be in the wrong department and they can direct you to a better area.

It’s also best to exercise patience. Some years, the fashion might not be suitable for your style, but the next could be a home run. Women’s fashion changes constantly. Keep checking back until you find the clothing you love.

3. Stay Within your Means
You don’t have to wear expensive designer clothing. Most of us are on a limited budget, but that doesn’t have to be a deterrent from looking our best. There are many excellent mid and mass-market stores that have excellent clothing at very reasonable prices. It’s also a great idea to mix higher priced garments and match them with lower priced staples, like an expensive pair of shoes with a more standard skirt. Choosing the right color for your skin tone is more important than purchasing a more expensive item simply because the price was higher.

4. Get to Know your Silhouette
One of the pitfalls of more mature clothing is that many women gravitate towards clothing that is shapeless. A woman’s shape is beautiful and there is no reason to hide curviness – ever! Look for clothing that accents the waistline to make your body look more shapely rather than boxy. A good fit and good tailoring can go a long way, but so can a belt or a garment that hits at the right place.

5. Don’t Forget your Hair and Makeup
If you’ve been wearing your hair and makeup the same way for a long time, it could be time to shake things up. Ask your hair stylist for ideas, look through magazines, or try changing hair dressers altogether. Also, your skin color and texture will change with age so having your colors and cosmetics reviewed by a professional makeup consultant is a good idea and can really freshen up your look and help you to feel great.

Have fun with your style and enjoy fashion. If something isn’t flattering, move on. If there are items in your wardrobe that used to work for you but don’t any longer, let them go. It’s possible to look fabulous at any age, size, or income level – rock the age you are!


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