Habit Change…

by kellylavieri on March 9, 2015


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Habit Change….


Our habits are consistent patterns of choice and behavior that govern the way we live everyday. Our habits are so well established that we are barely aware of them and naturally resist changing them. No matter what change we would like to make, from our nutrition, fitness, mindset, performance at home or work, and lifestyle, resistance to changing habits is very strong.

How we eat, exercise, sleep, learn, relax, and relate to others is crucial to our vitality. Even when we know that a change in our habits will improve or save our lives, we often cannot make these changes. Studies show that less than 10% of us choose, change, and sustain the habits that would be best in our lives.

Why are we so darn stubborn when it comes to habit change? In my practice, I have seen with better healthy habits my clients have been able to be more productive and lead happier fulfilling lives. It all begins with identifying those habits that are not allowing you to live fully, learning to make better choices, and seeking new sustainable solution to your habit change.

The next few blogs will be dedicated to teaching the Mind. Body. Spirit transformation of learning to make sustainable habit changes and creating the live you so richly deserve.

 Mind. Body. Spirit

transformation of Habit Change

1. Intuitiveness 2. Nutrition 3. Exercise 4. Sleep 5. Learning 6. Relationships 7. Simplicity 8. Spirituality

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