How to Keep Your Fitness Routine & Healthy Lifestyle When the Kids Are Home this Summer

by kellylavieri on June 9, 2016

How to Keep Your Fitness Routine & Healthy Lifestyle When the Kids Are Home this Summer

As a kid, there is nothing better than summer vacation. All June they are vibrating in their school chairs, just waiting until that final bell. When it begins to ring… Well, they usually don’t stop running around until school lets back in. Now that your kids will be home all day, your regular fitness routine and healthy lifestyle will be thrown into disarray. It is difficult to spend an hour after lunch exercising in the living room while the kids are in there watching TV. So you will have to make some adjustments until September comes and your usual schedule is restored. How can you keep up your fitness and maintain your healthy lifestyle when the kids are home? Try some of my favorite tips:

  1. Work Out Before the Kids Get Up
    If you have been a parent for a while, you know that the only time you really get to yourself is the morning before the kids wake up and the evening after they get to bed. The nice thing about the summer is that the sun comes up much earlier, giving you more light in the morning! Getting out of bed even fifteen minutes earlier than usual will give you some extra time to exercise, workout, and prepare yourself for the day. The best part, you can get your entire fitness routine done before the kids even wake up!
  2. Exercise as a Family
    There’s no shortage of exercise opportunities in the summer, and there are a ton that you can do with the entire family! If you are a family who enjoys biking, go out together for a ride. If you prefer two feet to two wheels, a family hike out for the afternoon can make for a solid day of exercise and fun. Swimming is always a fantastic exercise and kids almost always respond positively to the question “Who wants to go to the pool?”
  3. Have Healthy Family Meals Together (No phones allowed!)
    This might actually be a good tip for year round. In times past, eating together around the dinner table gave the entire family opportunities to talk and enjoy themselves together. Having teenagers constantly on their phones during dinner tends to disrupt that. Make a rule that, for at least one meal a day, the phones get put in the other room and the whole family enjoys a nice meal. Having family meals at home also has the side benefit of you being able to control the menu. Healthy and delicious meals will give your kids energy and keep your healthy lifestyle well in balance.
  4. Enjoy Outdoor Activities with the Family
    Why would the family want to stay inside with all of the warm weather out there! As a family, you can make some plans for small outdoor activities that don’t necessarily count as exercise, but can keep you active and bring you closer together as a family. A morning or evening walk with the kids will give you lots of time to talk about what is going on in their lives. If you have a dog, taking him to the park with the kids can make for a fun afternoon outing. If you are looking for a more extensive outdoor activity, how about camping? Lots of fresh air, nature, and enjoying yourselves around the campfire! Don’t forget the organic marshmallows. Oh, speaking about sugary treats…
  5. Make DIY Summer Treats
    Summer and sugary treats. Two things that go great together, at least for kids. Once the weather starts to get warm, there will be sugary ice pops, sodas, ice cream… All of the delicious things that can be unhealthy for you! But there is a way to mitigate the damage and actually improve your nutrition level as well. Make the treats yourself instead of buying them at the store. Blend some healthy fruit and vegetable juice, throw in the freezer and you have healthy ice pops! Instead of sugary sodas, take advantage of the delicious summer fruit and juice a watermelon. And ice cream… Well, sometimes, you just need to treat yourself. It’s is summer after all!

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