Is Your Heart Your Home?

by kellylavieri on January 28, 2015

I recently read an article in Oprah Magazine titled “20 questions ever woman should ask herself”, which made me curious…What are those 20 questions I need to ask myself. I am just starting to be consistent with my writing, and most of the blogs I have written (stored away in the abyss of my hard drive) revolve around finding ways easy ways to automatic my eating (food life into my lifestyle), quick effective fitness strategies, and keeping things positive when the daily stress of existence…my busy life, brings me away from one direction.

So look for future posts to help us all keep moving forward in a Personal. Positive. and Powerful way to transform our lives through nutrition, mindset strategies, and lifestyle possibilities.

However, the #1 question in this article was “Do I Feel at Home”? The author of this segment Veronica Chambers, who had essentially three things that she needs to feel at home..(natural light, warmth and beauty), I too need things to feel at home..

My first essential, like the author is Natural Light. I have never been one for overhead lighting, always opting to let the sun in with maybe a little help from an interesting lamp. It is one of the essential things to keep me in a positive frame of mind (always wondered how people live in a more rainy climate) and helps to radiate my spirit.

Secondly, is clean sheet day. I know this sounds crazy, but that first night I sleep in clean sheets..the world is moving in the right direction. I sleep like someone who is in peri-menopause (me!, I am 45) and needs a good night sleep. Here’s to the day that someone would wash my sheets on a daily basis, because it surely is not going to me…

My family is the 3rd essential thing for me..believe me I should probably say some peace and quiet, which should probably rank up there as the number one essential, but I love my boys. My husband Jim, son Josh, and of course, our dog Sam. They all greet me in a different way and need vastly different things from me, but they are mine..the craziness, the kisses, the pulling my hair out moments when I wonder why I voluntarily decided I wanted all this. They bring me my greatest joys and my deepest soul searching evaluations..

So no matter what happens out there in my crazy world..Welcome Home! I say. Because everything fades away when I enter my bright, relatively predictable casa full of kisses, questions and clean sheets. All is well…I feel at home.

Helping you live your life better, Daily!


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