Redefining Midlife….

by kellylavieri on May 18, 2015

The non-diet approach or what I call #Balance365 is especially interesting for women over 40, like myself, who have reached a time in our lives when we are seeking more out of our lives than just to fit into skinny jeans. Last week I wrote a about what is the best motivation for midlife women? Balance and well-being far out way losing weight, living freely and with pleasure, not penance.

Most midlife women also want to be in charge of themselves, and as a holistic practitioner and expert in women’s health and fitness, we want to be responsible for what we put in our mouths. That is when working toward #Balance365 comes into play. Taking simple steps daily toward better health with the food we eat, the movement we do, growing our personal value, and development of a positive abundant mindset.


Most of us can look on our shelves and count the number of diet books or magazines with diet protocols that if followed to the letter will possible give you results. Unfortunately, we have been programed to listen to someone else that we feel has the answers, but the answers are  really inside US…we just need to develop our own process for lifestyle success.

Remember!…what works for your girlfriend, doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to work for you. Conventional dieting is at odds with finding balance, it prescribes us to follow external rules rather than allow us to develop a process, our own process that works for our body, our mind, and our spirit. Rigid rules can lead us to ignore our appetite and even to misinterpret stress as hunger, which can really backfire at midlife, when you do not have as many discretionary calories to work with.

So how to you begin to create a more sustainable healthy, slimmer, positive, and abundant lifestyle? Where do you begin to tap into your nature hunger rhythms and satiety cues to eat healthy, while effortlessly controlling your weight?

You create a new set of know-yourself rules, that use your brain to better your body.  Over the next few weeks I will be help you make an attitude adjustment, a kind of #MidlifeMindsetMakeover. I will be giving your tools that help you connect your brain and what I call #BodyBonusBenefits that help connect you to your body.

The topics that I will be discussed are: RESTYLING your DIET; Don’t be fooled by your HORMONES!, ReNourish your body with FOOD; Make your MOVEMENT count and Find your PROCESS.

I hope you will enjoy this #Balance365 series and begin to look at midlife as a new process of health and wellness.

Helping you live your life better, daily!



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