What impresses me most about you is the ability to customize positive health changes to diet for maximum results.. since making changes to my diet, not only do I feel better, but my endurance and speed have increased greatly.. running better than ever!!

That fact you’re in your 40’s and look awesome. You definitely look the part and put it into practice. In addition, knowing the hormonal changes we go through as women and how to counteract the dreaded side effects. No more stomach pooch and skin looks amazing.(minus artificial sweeteners).

Best thing about everything, you made it simple for me to follow..

I don’t cook, so this was great advantage. The whole cook once eat twice, real time saver.

Finally, you made me realize food is my friend. never got that until now!!

Thanks so much,
Vonda Lewis


Just an update on my half marathon results.. Had amazing run with personal record… 1hr 37min. Felt strong entire race..Dropped 12min. off last year time!! Funny what a difference actually consuming food does for energy production. LOL!!! Added weight training really helped my legs push through last couple miles..

Thanks again for your dietary expertise..Will get in touch before next race.

Thanks for all you do,
Vonda Lewis


CNN_KELLY_CLIENT LOVE IMAGE 2Kelly has been a tremendous help in guiding me towards better nutrition while at the same time giving me the proper tools to reach my personal fitness goals. When I started with Kelly I was looking to add more weight while at the same time reducing my body fat. Kelly met with me multiple times and set me up with the tools, both food and vitamins, to succeed with my goals to add weight and to become noticeably leaner.

Being a college football player, Kelly has given me an advantage on the field since I have picked up speed and strength for my wide receiver position.

I am glad to have worked with Kelly and hope she will continue to work with me through my college career to maintain my physical fitness.

Brandon Place, age 18 {Collegiate Athlete}


Kelly was introduced to our entire family through our personal trainer with the idea of improving our dietary health . Brandon immediately began to implement Kelly’s suggestions and recommendations, which has led to an overall improvement in his physical fitness and athletic ability. Brandon spent time with Kelly reviewing how he could continue to make nutritious food choices when he began his college life this fall as a freshman and wide receiver at Denison University.

We, his parents, appreciate the change of attitude that Kelly has fostered in Brandon about the importance on nutrition with regard to performance. Brandon has acquired a life skill about food choices that will surely maintain his vitality and increase his longevity in his life beyond football.”

Dana and Mel Place


Kelly – Just stopping in to let you know that I am doing fine. I have some great news, I wanted this dress so bad, so my husband could have see me in it size 14. I could not fit in this dress I was so sad. So what I did went back to get the size 14 and it was gone. I said, oh no its gone, so I picked up the size 12 went in the fitting room try it on and guest what? The dress was shifting around my body so today I took it back to see if they had a size 10.  I can see that smile on your face. I have been creating so many new dishes, also I made the crispy treat and the protein balls and everyone love them that include my husband he has one everyday lol.

Thank you so much Kelly for everything you doing for me .
– J.Bonner


I have been working with Kelly for the last 3 mos.  My journey began with her because other “diet” nutrition plans had failed to help me in this crazy hormonal phase of my life that so many women my age find themselves.  Kelly was able to help explain the roll of hormones and their effect on my body and brain better than any other resource I had come across.  She helped me to understand nutrition and the impact it has on hormonal balance and health.  My traditional “fewer calories”, “more exercise” mentality has changed.  She has taught me how to fuel my body with healthy calories, by using the correct balance of protein and carbohydrate and fats.  She is not about being obsessed with the scale, although I have managed to lose 21.5 lbs in 3 mos.  It has been about a lifestyle change.  Daily decisions that impact my life and body for the better.  She has educated and encouraged me every step of the way. She has taught me how to incorporate a healthy mentality towards eating, exercising and living my life. I have lost my negative feelings about nutrition and exercise and as a result, a couple of dress sizes.  I have gained more energy, strength, endurance and confidence.  I have also gained a great friend and mentor in Kelly.  Her well educated, “no nonsense” approach was a perfect fit for my needs.

-Lavonne Berry, Bradenton, FL


 20131113_095832Kelly has made me understand the meaning of good health and proper nutrition while toning my waist and legs. She has also helped me improve my upper body strength and given me definition I never had.  The examples she sets are easy to follow and extremely motivating as her strength and grace both physically and intellectually motivate one to continue and constantly strive for improvement

-Karen E. Williams




When I first began working with Kelly I was weighing in at approximately 190 and within the first few weeks I seen instant results. I shot from the 190 range to the 195-200 range. My goal before June is to reach a consistent 198-200 range and with Kelly’s help I believe I  will successfully be able to achieve that. What I love most about joining her nutrition program is that not only am I gaining the weight I need but I am also gaining nutritional knowledge. I am able to understand the process of food within the bodies system. She thoroughly explains what is goingon within the body, when you follow a specific meal plan. I love it because it helps encourage me to want to eat more proper. Working with Kelly has been a tremendous blessing solely because not only am I eating healthier but i'm feeling more healthy as well. Instead of feeling worn out, over-worked, and tired I now feel energized each and every moment of the day. I feel better after eating grilled chicken versus  a Mcdouble from McDonalds. Kelly does a great job of adjusting your meal plan to your current diet so the meal plan doesn’t seem overwhelming when adjusting. I am very thankful for Kelly’s services and I just want to express my gratitude. If anyone were to ask me I would recommend Kelly instantly when it comes to needing a performance nutritional plan.

~ Karan Higdon


Kelly has been an amazing help in guiding me towards my goals. When I first met with Kelly my goals were to reduce my body fat and lean up. Kelly met with me a couple of times and we went through how I should go about my nutrition and workout in order for me to reach my goals. I immediately started seeing results with Kelly’s program and knew that she would help me achieve my aims. She would continue to help me in the coming months to maintain my nutrition and would help me with any questions I had.

I am a Junior at ODA and as I continue my High School career I look forward to keep working with Kelly and continuing my physical fitness.

~ Anthony Varga, age 17


I stepped on the scales for the first time since we started the Challenge, 10 lbs down!!!!! Woohoo! I was aware things were changing because clothes were getting looser but 10 lbs. I feel great , learned so much , and so many new wonderful habits in place. Hugs to you and Thank You Wellness whisperer!

~ Robin Jamison


I just wanted to thank you again for the program. For the first time in 20 years, I’ve been able to make this a true lifestyle change! Thanks for the encouragement, the tips along the way, and the mantra “Progress over perfection”. Who knew that I could feel this good after turning 40?!

Thanks so much, you’re making a wonderful difference in people’s lives!

~ Christina K.