Sports Specific Nutrition Check Up


I specialize in helping active people fuel their bodies for high energy, enhanced performance as well as good health and weight management. I clarify questions and resolve concerns about food, weight, body image, and eating for athletic performance for both the competitive athlete and casual exerciser.

My Nutrition Checkup is helpful for active people and competitive athletes who:

  • Realize that nutrition is the missing piece of their training program puzzle
  • Are failing to reach their strength and conditioning goals at the gym
  • Lack muscle development
  • Have poor weight management for performance
  • Feel fatigued routinely lack the energy to exercise and perform at their best
  • Struggle with weight (mid-life weight/fat gain) or are unhappy with their bodies
  • Can’t seem to keep their weight off
  • Overtrain or participate in extreme diet and exercise routines
  • Have gone through a life change and seek the right balance of food and fitness

Sports Specific Nutrition services include:

  • Determining caloric needs, ideal weight, and BMI (if desired) for sports-specific performance
  • Assessment of current nutritional habits
  • Creating a realistic, balanced diet that includes fat, protein, and carbohydrates
  • Discussing when and what to eat for high-level performance
  • Developing meal plans to maintain energy throughout the day
  • Empowering you to make better food choices for optimal health and performance
  • Addressing stress and sleep and how these impact weight, health, and performance
  • Most importantly: listening to your concerns and answering questions about food, supplements, disordered eating, weight plateaus, menopause, nutrition, fluids–whatever comes up!