The Big “D” is as important as the Big “O” when it comes to your HEALTH!

by kellylavieri on February 1, 2015

Kelly’s  Nutrition Notebook

No doubt, you’ve heard by now that vitamin D deficiency is kind of a big deal. We used to think D was just important for our bones, but now we realize that a D deficiency can be responsible for a host of other health issues. While we do need to protect our skin from the sun, we have become such a UV-fearing culture, that our attempts to skirt skin cancer might actually be contributing to our D deficiency. How often do you get unfiltered sunlight? My guess is not very often at all-especially in the winter-but just 20 minutes a day can help your body produce more D.

So why is vitamin D deficiency such a big deal? Most adults are likely not at risk of serious health problems associated with D deficiency, including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, auto immune diseases, heart disease, and cancer. But, there are many symptoms that can affect your quality of life significantly, such as depression, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, restless sleep, and even a diminished sex drive. And remember that seasonal affective disorder I told you about? Yup. Vitamin D!

How do I know all of this? Because as a Women’s Health Expert, my business is helping women 40+ transform and maintain the life they deserve.  Are you chronically fatigued and enduring headaches that don’t subside, no matter what you do?  Do you have days when you think 5 pm is an appropriate time for bed, right? Not so much.

Now, to be fair, some issues run far deeper than a vitamin D deficiency, including some hormonal imbalances, iron deficiency, and extraordinary levels of stress. The big D is just a small piece of that puzzle. But, supplementing extra D, your energy levels and general sense of wellness should steadily rise. Moreover, I have seen several of my clients and personal friends endure the same process, getting their life back through treating deficiencies.

You can certainly get your D through foods like salmon, tuna, and beef liver (in addition to unfiltered sunshine). But let’s get real, are you really going to do all of that every single day? I mean, if I could lay out in the sun and eat a perfect diet every damn day, while still maintaining a productive, realistic lifestyle, I wouldn’t be writing you this email right now.

There are several factors that can inhibit the absorption of sunlight, such as dark skin color. Melanin in the skin works as a natural sunblock, and among African Americans this can produce a deficiency. In weighing all the facts, a combination of sunlight exposure and whole foods or a good supplement starting at 2000ius will help you achieve optimal levels and receive the benefits of having sufficient Vitamin D in your system.

The is good news…you can’t really overdose on Vitamin D  manufactured from the sun and some medical professional has prescribed 50,000ius for severe deficiencies. If you are taking Vitamin D supplements make sure to stay with your health professionals recommended dosage.

Let food be thy medicine” Hippocrates, and enjoy a sunny morning walk..

Helping you live your life better, daily!

Kelly 🙂

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