Throwing Resolutions Out and Finding Your Own Process

by kellylavieri on January 21, 2016


The science is in, New Year’s Resolutions don’t work! In fact, only 8% are actually stuck to. Why is this? Well, for one thing, most people make completely unrealistic resolutions. They say they are going to go the gym every single day, or go on a heavily restrictive diet to lose weight. They make overly ambition resolutions that are very difficult to stick to. And when February rolls around and they realize that they’ve completely forgotten about the resolution, it doesn’t exactly inspire them to make other healthy choices to improve their lives.

So what can you do about it? How about instead of making a giant single, and statistically unrealistic, resolution, you could take a more holistic approach. Why not throw that New Year’s Resolution out, and instead find a new process that improves all aspects of your life without putting any unreasonable pressure on one single thing. Here are three things to think about over the next year that will help improve the health of all aspects of your life!

1. Nutrition
The latest fads and yo-yo diets always get a boost of popularity at the beginning of the new year, but are rarely continued after a few weeks. The real path to healthy eating is to educate yourself about nutrition. Depriving yourself of food can make you unhappy and can drain already depleted energy reserves. Instead of this, start to develop new healthy eating habits, focusing on foods that will improve health!

2. Sleep
Ironically, when it comes to keeping healthy and active, one of the absolute best things we can do is lay motionless and unconscious with our eyes closed for eight hours a night. For a woman going through menopause, this can be easier said than done. Insomnia, hot flashes, there are any number of things that can keep us from getting a good night’s sleep. Making a sleep schedule can be helpful, as well as avoiding any caffeine or alcohol after a certain hour of the day. One thing that can also help is…

3. Exercise
Exercising more is probably the most popular New Year’s Resolution in the world. So why does it fail so often? Probably because those people just jump in without a plan, and don’t spend time developing a healthy exercise routine and habits! First, find forms of exercise that you actually enjoy doing. Take some classes, bring some friends, and give some new things a try. Have you ever tried yoga? How about pilates? Both are wonderful forms of exercise for women over 40. If you feel stuck, feel free to drop me a line for a free nutrition hook-up call. I would be thrilled to help you on your way to a healthy, balanced new year!

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