What is best motivation for midlife?

by kellylavieri on May 14, 2015


Sometimes I feel like no one is reading my stuff or listening to advice I give, but the funny thing is, maybe that’s why I keep doing it. There is a freedom in allowing yourself to say what you think because no one is listening…

Here’s the thing, if you work for yourself…actually I work for helping others, my charge is to be in service to others. I think I am just figuring this out, though I am always trying to stay motivated..make things happen to see results from my actions.


What is the best motivation for midlife women? Good question, because I think what motivate us in our 30s was mainly acquiring things…First was Great Job, Even better husband, Cars, house and kids. However, in our 40s and beyond, now that we have all that stuff and realize WOW!, big house, fancy cars and wacked out schedule isn’t all we thought it would be or maybe we were  just younger and tolerated more…who knows.

Interestingly, you would think that do to the realization it would motivate us to exercise more to help to improve our state of well-being, but not so much. Research shows that only about 26% of women exercise because they want the mental benefit, however, of those women, they exercised 30% more often than those who stated their top reason as physical health or weight loss.

Honestly, if I didn’t exercise I would be hell to live with… Exercise has a pretty immediate effect on our mood and stress level and over time it helps to improve our memory. Something we all need no matter what our age. It is part of what I call my #balance365. My workout does improve my physical health, but the instant payoff and what most of us are looking for is instant gratification. There is an immediate improvement in your day, your outlook and the ability to handle what come your way.

So what is the best motivation for us FAB women 40+. Personally, it is establishing what I call #Balance365, it is learning to find balance every single day in some way.

ü  My first suggestion is to stop doing the exercise you have to make yourself do! Stop it today and find an exercise that makes you feel good about what you are doing for yourself, not just to fit into the skinny jeans. We do so many things that are such a hassle, so why keep doing them? Maybe it’s time to #refreshyourstyle!


ü  Take a few days and right down what you do or don’t like about the exercise you are doing and if you can’t think of at least 3 reasons that motivate you or bring you joy with your current exercise program, than stop! and choose something else!

Let’s keep working on our process.



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