What is SimplyU Girls?

SimplyU-LogoSimplyU Girls is a personal development and leadership program for girls developed by Kelly as part of her company Kelly Lavieri Coaching to help create strong girls, strong leaders. Originally the workshops were conducted through girls youth sports programs and has grown to work with all girls across all spectrums.

SimplyU Girls Leadership Development Program “Girl + World”, equips adolescent girls (grades 6-12) to meet the world with integrity, self-awareness, and personal authority. The program teaches a set of communication and conflict resolution skills that girls can put to effective, immediate use in all their relationships.

SimplyU Girls Leadership Development curriculum was developed in part by the Girls Leadership Institute and Kelly Lavieri.  We believe the fundamental struggle for every girl is to relate to herself (“Girl’”) and to others (“World”) with personal authority and integrity. Each lesson empowers girls with specific skills to do just that: remain true to themselves and their vales, while simultaneously remaining in authentic, rewarding relationships with others.

Girls are under increasing cultural pressure to embrace versions of self-hood that sharply curtail their power and potential. Kelly believes that while girls are getting more permission from the culture to be strong, there is little instruction on how to harness their personal power constructively.

SimplyU Girls Leadership Workshops

  • Skillful Conflict Resolution
  • Facing Mistakes and Owning your Strength
  • Emotional Intelligence Builder
  • Dealing with Distorted Thinking
  • Responding to Conflict

Interested in having Coach Kelly speak to your organization, please email at info@simplyugirl.com

Why SimplyU Girls?

Our Values:  At SimplyU Girls, we believe that all girls should have integrity, be strong, committed, and develop their authentic self.

Our Vision: SimplyU Girls become independent women who embrace diversity, express their ideas, rise above obstacles, persevere, and lead those around them.

Our Mission:  At SimplyU Girls, we empower girls to grow courageous, strong and self- sufficient. We inspire our girls to celebrate themselves—their minds, their hearts, and their physical well- being.


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